I have worked with Diane on several projects over the years and I would not hesitate for a second to recommend her work. When she is involved in an initiative, she is committed, focused and remains objective throughout. She has a great insight into HR topics and can offer alternative ways to look at an issue and will walk you through the process by asking questions and making suggestions without being overbearing. She has a wonderful way of finding the positive in a situation and works with you to find a solution for your particular circumstances. Diane is a top notch HR professional with a vast background and experience.

Heather KitchenTotal Compensation Professional

“I was always impressed with her knowledge and professionalism.  She will tell you true and not what you want to hear when it comes to HR policies etc.”

Chuck KeithIT Professional

Diane Wooden is a wonderful example of a business professional. Numerous years “in the HR trenches” as well as in executive positions have equipped her with the necessary skills to achieve organizational goals and objectives. I participated in a workshop she conducted in an educational institute and her common sense approach and ability to create an environment where individuals from a variety of programs and departments were working together to find solutions was amazing.  I have also consulted with her on a number of HR related issues in a non-profit environment and again found her approach to be exactly what I needed.  Diane is very efficient, a great communicator and extremely personable.

Betty DanielsHealth Care Facility Administrator

I think too that many small businesses owners out there don’t even know what HR actually is. Truthfully…I expected more consultant BS…mostly over promise and under perform. Diane was the opposite. She exceeded my expectations: the service was prompt, effective, thorough and a pleasant experience. Diane is well suited to small business; she is geared up for small business by being affordable and concise; and she relates well to issues that another HR Company might overlook. I would only stress that timely communication is a lost consideration of many small businesses – Diane, however, did great.

Keith MillerBroker iTrade Earth

I worked with Diane as a co-worker for a number of years. She was always professional, organized and searching for solutions. She thoroughly enjoyed working with people and facilitating group discussions.

Shauna MacKayHuman Resources Professional

I have known Diane for 3 years while both of us were working at the College of the North Atlantic-Qatar in Doha, Qatar. Diane is very accomplished professional. She has an amazing talent and can talk effectively to anyone all levels within the organization (employees and mangers alike) by putting them at ease with her friendly and open way. She makes her point, often using light hearted humour…

Gerlinde SarkarDirector of Research and Planning, CNA-Q

In my time working with Diane, I appreciated her unwavering commitment to making things better, and was always amazed at the number of projects she was willing to take on. Diane is a dedicated HR professional with many tools and experiences to make significant improvements for any organization in any sector.

Rolene PryorManagement Consultant

For my fellow business owners, I would highly recommend Diane Wooden as an investment to your business model and strategically working to create a harmonious and focused team.  She provided great communication, organization, and delivery of materials. It was an all-round great experience and trusted investment.

Mike EddyMichael Eddy Osteopathy

Diane and I worked together at an overseas project for several years.  She was a trusted and respected colleague among the team, and a valued mentor to me and many others in a challenging environment.  Diane demonstrated personal dedication and commitment to improving HR processes and creating a positive employee experience.  She combines extensive experience in diverse organizations, sectors and cultures with a practical and realistic approach to solving human resources challenges and enhancing the work environment.

Christine ChisholmSenior Account Manager

Diane’s knowledge of organizational development and effectiveness makes her the perfect coach for senior leaders and entrepreneurs. She is genuinely passionate about helping others reach success through their people and leadership. She is focused and flexible and able to work through barriers to ensure goals are reached.

Colette CurranHuman Resources Professional