Moving forward, with clarity

Root Canal or Deal with your People Issues?

Many managers would rather have a root canal than deal with their people issues. This is despite the fact that problems caused by the people issues can be harmful to morale, customer relations and revenue.

I specialize in developing and implementing programs and processes that ensure both the employees and the business have success. This includes conflict resolution, best practice hiring, start-up human resource advice, career counseling and performance management.

I help businesses quickly resolve the immediate issue and then put the structures in place to ensure these same problems do not arise again. I can help you move forward, with clarity.

I have worked for companies with one employee, 15 employees, 500 employees and 5000 employees. My passion lies in working with small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Everyone Wants to be Treated Fairly!


Here is a short video that is my perfect definition of “fairness”. The two capuchin monkeys have been rewarded in the same way (with cucumbers) for performing the same task. In the video you will see what happens when one of them is rewarded differently from the other, for completing the exact same task. There is no clarity here for this poor monkey!

Fairness is at the centre of all I do: Fairness for you the employer, fairness for the employee, and fairness for the service you offer to your customers. It’s more than monkey business.